Kiberys Robotic Systems Advantages

  • Much faster return on investment
  • Increased reach for larger weld pieces
  • Intelligent functions for seam searching and seam tracking
  • Function for torch oscillation with frequency and amplitude adjustment
  • User-friendly interface, close to human perceptions, which enables for faster programming with teaching
  • Exceptionally good system for Internet support and upgrade
  • Precise motion control and guiding rail system, which guarantees excellent accuracy and repeatability +/- 0.10 mm
  • High work and transport speeds
  • Capability to collect detailed process parameter values from actual feedback during the process
  • Capability for synchronized control of multiple robotized systems, connected in a network
  • Reliable components inside
  • Capability for control of various processes – MIG/MAG, TIG, SAW, Plasma and laser

Linear Kinematics

Hybrid Kinematics