The New Flexible Approach to Metal Processing

One core system – multiple applications, using various hardware solutions to achieve the best customized system, adapted to the real needs.

A machine concept that follows your needs – covering wide range of metal-working tasks:

  • Cutting metal sheets, pipes and profiles using plasma, gas, laser;
  • Welding metal structures and parts, cylinders etc. using MIG, TIG, SAW, plasma, laser;
  • Drilling profiles, parts, sheetmetal structures;
  • Manipulation of parts
  • Marking of parts

Using modular design, all these processes can be extended on a large area with minimal extra cost for additional work space.

KBR 3000 Controller

In the heart of the Kiberys robotic system is the KBR 3000 controller.

It is the standardized product with universal application for the whole range of processes and hardware equipment supplied.

It is an industrial electrical cabinet for the electronic components, servo-drives, control boards and CNC controller. The electronics are in an isolated section from the external air. The power components are cooled through forced fan ventilation in a separate radiator section in the backside of the cabinet.

  • Ability to control the following processes:
    • Oxy-fuel cutting;
    • Plasma cutting and welding;
    • Laser cutting and welding;
    • MIG, TIG, SAW welding;
    • Drilling and milling operations.
  • 32-bit Power processor;
  • RTOS operation system for real-time process management;
  • G-code program language based on DIN 66025;
  • Interpolation: linear, arc (circular), helical;
  • Operation with multiple coordinate systems and tools;
  • Up to 12 controlled axes;
  • SoftPLC controller;
  • Digital servo-drives with asynchronous servo-motors;
  • Cooling system with air-tight compartment for electronics;
  • Thermal protection;
  • Distant (Internet) diagnostics;
  • Ethernet network to a database and between controllers.

Software Features

The KBR 3000 controller has multiple features related to the process and programming:

  • Teach path programs with motion and speed;
  • Make logical programming with software PLC;
  • Communicate with external devices via CAN network or with PLC;
  • Control external axes of positioners;
  • Store and recall prower-source settings;
  • Program specialized functions – finding the plate, weaving, and seam tracking;
  • Program using CAD/CAM by DXF or DWG import to the machine software;
  • Function for restoring the program operation after emergency shutdown.