Vintech RCAM-Pro


Vintech RCAM-Pro is a CAM system, specially designed for true shape nesting and programming of CNC machines for laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water-jet and other types of cutting of sheet parts.

VINTECH has created the CAM system based on original algorithms for tight step-by-step nesting with optimisation and on-line control against overlapping, without shape or size restrictions of plates and parts.

Vintech RCAM-Pro automatically and interactively creates true shape nesting with advanced thermal cutting technology and generates NC  programs with open and adjustable postrprocessors.

Geometry import

  • Vintech RCAM-Pro imports parts from 2D CAD geometry or from the projection in the OXY plane of 3D wire-frame geometry.
  • It can import the following geometry primitives from a CAD file: segments, circular and elliptic arcs, polylines, NURBS splines, point sets and text. While importing the system transforms the CAD primitives into contours, consisting of segments and arcs. Under certain conditions points and text are added to the part so that processing could be done on them.
  • Vintech RCAM-Pro imports geometry from CAD files with the following formats: DXF, DWG, SVG, ESSI or DSTV.

Parametric parts

The library contains a variety of parametric macros. Each macro opens a draft and from the entered dimensions and parameters a part is saved in Vintech RCAM-Pro.


  • ProjectVintech RCAM-Pro saves the data during the nesting process in a project file in a folder of the operating system.
    The system supports all necessary data in the project file to allow openning the project both by the user who created it and by a remote user of the system.
  • Nesting managementTo manage the design process the system uses Job, Nesting queue, Project navigator, Project tree and galleries – Parts, Blocks and Nesting layouts.
  • Plates for nesting in projectVintech RCAM-Pro nests on multiple whole blanks or usable remnants (UR). Specifies the plates by direct input of dimensions, by a selection from the Plates dataset or by geometry import from CAD file. Allows setting a limit for each plate. It can nest on plates with pre-set sizes in a project.
    Manages inteligently the multiplicity of the plate/nesting layout. Shortens or extends a plate at any time. Creates denger zones for clamps. Defines UR with rectangular, free ore stepped form.
  • Nesting layouts variants
    Vintech RCAM-Pro can disable layouts from the project, after which they become unusable and their parts return for nesting. Vintech RCAM-Pro can lock  layouts, after which they become uneditable and their parts do not return for nesting. Reports and NC programs can be generated for both locked and disabled layouts.
  • Interactive tools for nesting
    The system puts “handles”of the following nesting functions around the objects selected for interactive nesting: continuous and step-by-step rotation, mirror flip, matrix nesting management, automatic snap and dinamic orientation, common cut nesting.
  • Creating technology at any timeDistinctive characteristic of Vintech RCAM-Pro is that it can create or change the Processing technology for the whole layout or for a part of it at any time. It is possible to nest parts without technology and to create the cutting technology before generating the NC program. It is also posible to create technology for each part and to nest parts with technology.

True shape nesting

  • Vintech RCAM-Pro nests with high efficiency.
    It uses algorithms fortight step-by-step nesting and on-line control against overlapping, which does not allow nesting an object on top of already nested ones. It has advanced functionality for automatic or interactive nesting.
    Vintech RCAM-Pro allows interruption of the automatic nesting, interactive action and resumption of the automatic nesting, at any moment.
  • Automatic nesting
    For certain angular positions , the system optimises, finds place and orientation of a part or a block on the plate and then nests it tightly to the already nested objects. The automatic nesting is performed in the order, set in the nesting queue and with the quantities, set in the job, on top of a single or multiple plates, until the allowed plates or the parts in the job are expended.
  • Unlimited part-in-part nesting
    Vintech RCAM-Pro nests parts in a hole of another part. When there is free space for nesting it on the plate and in a hole, the system will choose to nest in the hole. The nesting levels are unlimited. Nesting in all holes or only in small holes can be forbidden through settings.
  • Interactive nesting
    The nesting in interactive mode can bewith true shape or in a pattern, controlled by the corresponding “handles”.
    The objects, nested on the plate or waiting in the nesting queue, can be selected for interactive nesting. Using the cursor they can be dragged, pushed or manipulated until they are placed close to the desired position on the plate. After dropping them, the algorithms for on-line control against overlapping, nest them tightly to the already nested objects on the plate.
  • Special nesting methods
    Vintech RCAM-Pro provides functions which take into account the characteristics of CNC machines like: nesting on the edge of the plate; common cut nesting; parallel nesting with fixed spacing between the torches and additional nesting after the parallel nesting; parallel nesting with variable spacing and torches count.
  • Working with blocks
    Vintech RCAM-Pro includes a large number of functions for working with groups of nested parts with or without technology called blocks.
    The blocks can be used as created or broken down and edited on site. The use of blocks in the system is ubiquitous.