Plate and Profile bevel cutting

7-axis Robotized line for plate and profile bevel cutting

3D robotic gantry system for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting has double-side drive, precise positioning system by racks and pinions on the 3 linear axes with exceptional speed and dynamics. Zero-backlash on the 3 rotational axes allow 4-side machine processing of profiles and round tubes.

Precise gearboxes with minimum backlash, dynamical engagement of the motors to the racks, and rigid guide system allows smooth movement, excellent cut quality of corners and small holes.

The gantry system has a cantilevered part crossbeam, which allows profile cutting in a cabin especially designed for this purpose.

Plate and Profile bevel cutting robotic system Brochure


  • Stable metal construction with precise linear guides and servo-drives with racks and pinions on all axes;
  • High dynamics, on all X, Y and Z axes: up to 30 m / min speed and acceleration up to 3 m / s²;
  • 3D control on seven axes allows for a second level of CNC programming;
  • Maximum use of machine resources, thanks to the concept of combined processing of sheets and profiles – the ability to 100% load the machine when switching between sheets and profiles, without downtime for loading sheets and profiles and unloading cut parts.