KIBERYS robotic systems equipped with the latest welding power-sources are highly effective for welding of large construction beams and pipes, oil tanks and large crane beams and semi-trailers.

The work-area could be easily expandable along the X-axis to add more welding zones. The mechanical design allows easy access in
the hard to reach areas from 5 or 6 sides. The simplicity of the robot s kinematics provides more safer and predictable motions.


  • Suitable for large work-pieces with repeating pattern welding;
  • Simple and integrated solution for welding;
  • Full control over the welding process;
  • Weld monitoring functionality;
  • Improved access from above in tight places of the work-pieces;
  • Capability to perform contour welding with minimal space reqirements;
  • Linear axes cartesian robot design minimizes the number of axes movement;
  • Lighter construction with more economic solutions for welding of large weld pieces.

Welding Applications