Sheet Cutting and Drilling

KBCUT HD DRILL – Plasma sheet cutting, combined with drilling and tapping

Key features

  • Fully automated technology for program creation and execution
  • Program based on 2D part drawing
  • Drill / tap operations assigned to single or multiple holes with the same diameter
  • Automatic part nesting and rapid moves between holes and parts with different strategies
  • Automatic tool change, fully programmable, no operator intervention needed
  • Single program zero position for the complete drill and plasma cut processing in a single program. Just as normal sheet cutting process, no special settings or procedure required from the operator
  • Automatic measurement of distance front the drill tip to the material. No measurement by operator needed
  • Automatic tool cooling on-off control
  • Chip -breaking drill head motion control with programmable parameters
  • Automatic program head control
  • Drill head moves to safe position automatically after drilling is done
  • Plasma head automatically moves to start of cut position, searches the plate and starts cutting
  • Plasma head moves automatically to safe position after plasma cutting is done