Railroad car Construction

Large-scale welding robotic systems

High-dynamic robotic, multi-axis automated welding system. KBWELD HDC is a console-type linear-drive system with a robust construction with precision guides. It achieves high speed and accuracy thanks to digital servo-controlled motors.

KBWELD HDC6 has a wide range of applications – complex, ribbed beams with slopes, panels, boards, ribbed sections; For straight and circular seams, various building elements, machine housings and more.

Large-scale welding robotic system Brochure

Key Features

  • 5 or 6-axis, robotic welding column systems with rotary Y-beam;
  • Multiple work-areas along the X-axis;
  • High-speed welding by Tandem welding systems;
  • Welding seam tracking capabilities;
  • Multiple peripheral servo-positioners controlled;
  • Multiple robots welding simultaneously within the same work-area;
  • Infinite longitudinal stroke along the X-axis rail due to all-n platform system design;
  • Automatic optimized welding torch cleaning capabilities;
  • Offline programming on a 3D model of the work-piece with searching the seam position;
  • Unique self-adjustable seam tracking feature during welding;
  • Multiple coordinate systems – Torch TCP control, World and Machine coordinate system;
  • One and two-axis servo-positioner coordinate motion.

Technical Specifications

Number of axes 6
Type of axes 3 linear
3 rotational
Type of motors AC, servo
Max reach on X on request
Max reach on Y on request
Max reach on Z on request
Speed on linear axes max 30 000mm/min
Speed on rotational axes max 120°/sec
Positioning accuracy +/-0.25mm
Repeatability +/-0.15mm