KBCut Project Designer Software

designer 400p

All the elements in the KBCUT software (real time controller, graphic interface CAD/CAM systems) are developed as parts of one integrated system with central SQL data base, which allows multi-user work and Ethernet data transfer. The smart interface makes the system easy to learn and use, thus eliminating the need for high-qualified operators.

Optimized CAD Environment for Creation and Modification of Shapes


  • Automatic cutting programs creation
  • Import from all CAD systems
  • Automatic nesting procedure
  • Option for continuous chain cutting
  • Multi-user network environment
  • Control of the workflow (work process)
  • Creation of cutting task with bevel on entire or section of lines with different angle and cutting settings
  • Manual and automatic generation of lead-in, lead-out, uncut bridges in the shape, cutting direction, part interposition and related cut sequence of the shapes
  • Centralized SQL database with parts, layouts, statistics, cut settings and cut jobs
  • Project-type structuring of cut parts and layouts
  • Correction of contour imperfections after import
  • Control of the work process cut tasks and reports of number of parts cut per type
  • Direct export of cut programs to the KHMI machine control interface