KIBERYS robotic systems are especially designed and manufactured for plasma and oxy-fuel straight and bevel cutting. Wide range of applications are covered – metal sheets, pipes, profiles, tubes and sections.
Our systems are fully equipped with all hardware – cutting power-source, filtration unit, and software components – CAD/CAM, nesting, and offline programming tools, necessary for making the cutting process easy and effective to the end user.


  • All systems are upgrade-ready from straight torch cutting to bevel cutting of metal sheets, pipes, profiles etc.;
  • Servo-driven torch lifter ensures high torch speed and acceleration in vertical motion;
  • 3 servo-driven aces in combination with bevel axes enable execution of 3D cutting programs;
  • Possibility for pipe and profile cutting application on gantry systems;
  • Online teaching mode available for solution of specific requirements.

Cutting Applications