5 Axis Gantry

kbcut_hd55-Axis, heavy-duty, double-side driven CNC gantry system for cutting complex shapes with beveling up to 45°.

Precise positioning with rack and pinion on 3 axes and 2 rotational axes for torch rotation and inclination.

Low backlash, precision gears, as well as highly rigid and precise rail guiding system enable the smooth motion, stable operation with inclined torch and excellent cut surface, also when beveling.

Technical Specifications

Mechanical design 5 axis system, double-side driven gantry, 2 rotation axes – one around vertical axis, one for torch inclination
Type of motors AC synchronous servo motors
Feedback type Resolver
CNC architecture CNC controller with CAD/CAM programming – PowerPC 32bit, RTOS, CAN Open, DIN 66025, IEC 61131-3 SoftPLC
Type of communication Digital CAN communication on all levels in the system
Transversal motion range: X axis 1250 – 4000 mm
Longitudinal motion range: Y axis 2500 – 18000 mm
Vertical motion range: Z axis 200 mm
Speed range on linear axes 0 – 15 000 mm/min
Maximal cutting speed 10 000 mm/min
Positioning accuracy +/-0.10 mm/m
Repeatability +/-0.05 mm/m
Mains supply 3-phase, 380V, 50Hz
Nominal consumed power 3.5 kW
Tolerance of supply voltage +/-10%