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Hardware Controls

KPU Programming Tablet Unit with 10″ Graphic Display and Touchscreen

А PC tablet based unit with complete functionality for field programming of the KBR system in a graphic environment. The tablet has a rugged design, very well protected against impact and breaking of touch sensor glass – perfect for industrial use. It has multiple functional enhancements – functional buttons, speakers, microphone, integrated camera on the backside which can be used i for customer support and troubleshooting. The touchscreen enables easy handling and setup of a large number of functions and parameters of the user-friendly operator interface.


1-axis Servo-positioners

The precise positioning and common program motion control with the Kiberys robotic systems, is a guarantee for good performance and high level of automation.

Models from 300 to 10 000 kg payload are available depending on the requirements.

Technical Specifications

Payload 500 kg
Number of axes 1
Type of motor AC, servo
Max Torque 860 Nm
Max Load inertia 100 kgm2
Max Speed 70°/sec
Flange diameter 400 mm

2-axis Servo-positioners

  • High precision and minimum backlash;
  • Precise synchronization between the robot and the positioner;
  • High accuracy and repeatability in positioning the work-piece;

Technical Specifications

Number of axes 2
Type of motor AC, servo
Payload 500 kg
Max Torque Axis 1 1700 Nm
Max Load inertia Axis 1 400 kgm2
Max Speed Axis 1 30°/sec
Max Torque Axis 2 860 Nm
Max Load inertia Axis 1 100 kgm2
Max Speed Axis 1 70°/sec
Flange diameter 400 mm