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Hardware Controls

KPU Programming Tablet Unit with 8″ Graphic Display and Touchscreen

А PC tablet based unit with complete functionality for field programming of the KBWELD system in a graphic environment. The tablet has a rugged design, very well protected against impact and breaking of touch sensor glass – perfect for industrial use. It has multiple functional enhancements – functional buttons, speakers, microphone, integrated camera on the backside which can be used i for customer support and troubleshooting. The touchscreen enables easy handling and setup of a large number of functions and parameters of the user-friendly operator interface.

KR 305 Basic Operator Control Panel

Programming unit with basic functions and CAN interface, for simple process control and capability to execute up to 5 programs.

HMI software with graphic interface for programming and control.

  • Register of programs
  • Register of welding settings
  • Register of weaving settings


1-axis Servo-positioners

1-axis_positionerThe precise positioning and common program motion control with the Kiberys robotic systems, is a guarantee for good performance and high level of automation.

Models from 300 to 5000 kg payload are available depending on the requirements.

Technical Specifications

Payload 500 kg
Number of axes 1
Type of motor AC, servo
Max Torque 860 Nm
Max Load inertia 100 kgm2
Max Speed 70°/sec
Flange diameter 400 mm

2-axis Servo-positioners


  • High precision and minimum backlash;
  • Precise synchronization between the robot and the positioner;
  • High accuracy and repeatability in positioning the work-piece;

Technical Specifications

Number of axes 2
Type of motor AC, servo
Payload 500 kg
Max Torque Axis 1 1700 Nm
Max Load inertia Axis 1 400 kgm2
Max Speed Axis 1 30°/sec
Max Torque Axis 2 860 Nm
Max Load inertia Axis 1 100 kgm2
Max Speed Axis 1 70°/sec
Flange diameter 400 mm